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Mission Statement



Artikel Osteopathic University


The Free Osteopathic University (FOU) allows Osteopathy to indulge itself into the wonderful world of scientific discourse. Osteopathy will arrive at a realistic self-image and develop a professional identity.


The Free Osteopathic University (FOU) supports a thorough education that covers the whole field of Osteopathy, not only a training program for osteopathic skills. Osteopathy is studied in all its aspects, not only measured by its effectiveness.


The scientific discourse at the Free Osteopathic University (FOU) appreciates the medical body as well as the experienced body. The wide range of osteopathic experience is the focus of scientific questioning: the qualities of therapeutic touch, the various ways of shaping the therapeutic relationship, and the clinical interpretation of palpable biomechanics in the context of a medical approach.


The seminars of the Free Osteopathic University (FOU) are characterized by joyful discourse, learning from experience and thirst for understanding. The FOU nourishes tolerance for the diversity of scientific explanations and solidarity with the complexities and contradictions of human nature.


The Free Osteopathic University (FOU) listens to the prophetic call for embodiment and justice. Its students and teachers are encouraged to reflect upon and take responsibility for their actions, while staying away from pronouncements of salvation. Thoughtful and enlightening self-reflection vibrates through its campus, resisting the fire of religious or ideological zeal.




Free Osteopathic University, Hamburg, FRG c/o Peter Levin

Zenith / Center for Interdisciplinary Therapy

Mittelweg 161

20148 Hamburg




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